Curriculum Vitae - Elisabeth Feuz

Elisabeth Feuz, Switzerland – FCI Judge

A life with animals is my destiny, some would say. Born in the middle of an animal park which my parents managed, I developed a natural familiarity with the most diverse species which instilled within me, the necessary respect for living creatures. From beginning, dogs too, were a part of  that. In the mid-sixties my parents started breeding Schnauzer and Poodles. Over the years many other breeds are established in our family: Hovawart, English Cocker- and Sussex Spaniels, Border- and Boston Terrier. My sisters and I were fascinatedly right from the beginning and we are remained true to the dogs over the years to this day.

I became aware of the breed  Miniature Bull Terrier, at the FCI World Dog Show 1985 in Vienna. It was love at first sight. With much luck, I was able to acquire my first Miniature Bull Terrier bitch, Ch. Zedbees Zallerina from the well-known breeder Mrs. Diane Berry, Zedbees Kennel, from England. „Sally“ was a small, sweet bitch but she unfortunately never got pregnant. In 1989 I imported a further bitch from Mrs Berry, Ch. Zedbees Zindiana.

Finally the day arrived in 1991 when Switzerland’s first Miniature Bull Terrier litter – under  the prefix  „Anirella’s“ ,was born. In recent years I have bred 27 litters. Many Minis from my Kennel have been successful in Shows and won many Champion titles in different countries. Including FCI World Winners, FCI Junior World Winners, FCI European- and FCI European Junior Winners.

I‘m active in the board of the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of Switzerland, Boston Terrier Club of Switzerland and Swiss Toy Breed Club.

Since 1998, I have been a breed judge for different breeds and group judge for FCI Group 2, 3 and 9 and different breeds in Group 7.

In recent years I have judged in a lot of different countries and continents.

In my profession as a professional photographer I'm always in the quest for beauty and optical perfection and this also applies to my function as a judge. A great importance for me, is on the health and function of the dogs, as well as the virtues of a well balanced example in the breed.








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