Curriculum Vitae - Inga Siil (EST)

I have got my first dog – white medium size poodle - Dessy in 1990, after many years begging my partents to buy me a dog.  Since then I have been crazy about dogs, dogshows, training dogs etc.  I started to work as a ringstewart in 1992 and in 2000 I started my studies at show judge course.
I became judge in 2002 and my first breed which I have got licence for was poodle.
At the moment I have rights to judge all breeds in group 4,7 8,9, 10 and half from group 3 and 5.

My first litter under prefix CEN CLARENCE’S was born 1994, it was litter of white medium size poodles.
I had a long break in breeding as I have had mostly males in my home. I continued breeding in 2014, this time with black miniature poodles.

In 2010 I welcomed new breed in  my home – löwchen, since that I have always had one löwchen at home.  This breed got very special place in my heart besides poodles.

I have been judging in all three Baltic and four Scandinavian countries, besides that in Russia, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, France, Chech Republic, Poland, Iceland and many others. I have been houred to judge poodle specialities in many contries, medium size poodles in black, white and brown at World Dog Show in  Budapest 2014 and  toy poodles and springer spaniels at European Winner show 2016 in Brussels.   
I have been president  of Estonian Poodle club and member of the board of Estonian Kennel Union. At the moment I am the president of Estonian Show Judges Committee since 2015. As many other judges I look for the correct breed-type, harmony , movement and typical breed temperament when I judge.



Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége
1194 Budapest, Hofherr Albert u. 42.
1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.
T: +36 70 457 2763, +36 70 616 3312
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