Curriculum Vitae - Kardos Vilmos

He has  been breeder and exhibitor- specialised in spanels- since 1972. He got his FIRST judge licence in 1978.
Authorized  to judge the following breeds ( by FCI):
FCI GROUP 1. Bobtail (OES,) Bearded Colllie, Border Collie, Collies, Sheltie, Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Welsh Cogi Pembroke, Australian Sheeperd, Kelpie, Australian Cattledog, Belgian sheperds, Berger de Beauce, Bouvier des Ardennes, Bouvier des Flandres, Briard, Schipperke, White Swiss shepherd dog
FCI GROUP 2.  Schnauzers and Pinchers
FCI GROUP 5.  Chow-Chow
FCI GROUP 6.  All the breed that belong here
FCI GROUP 7.  All the breed that belong here
FCI GROUP 8.  All the breed that belong here
FCI GROUP 9.  All the breed that belong here

He is a specialist in the following breeds:
Collie, Schnauzers, FCI group 6, 7, 8 and Toy Molosers. He has judged CAC, CACIB, and Championship-Shows in 50 countries, and several World and European Dog Shows and ISPU Show. He was Chairman of the  Hungaria Spaniel Club for 15 years. He is the show-director of the International Dog Shows in Pécs for 30 years. He is member of Presidency of the Hungarian Judges Board for long time. Today he has Hungarian Vizslas and French Bulldog in his home. He judges in English and German.                                                                          


Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége
1194 Budapest, Hofherr Albert u. 42.
1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.
T: +36 70 457 2763, +36 70 616 3312
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