Derby Show Exhibition Rules

Derby Show Exhibition Rules

The Derby Show exhibited the same rules may appoint any person as for a CACIB Dog Show. The judgement are taking in the same way as the CACIB Dog Show, the judges will give the titles: HPJ, CAC, CACIB, etc.. A computer exhibition system will be marked with a capital D exhibition catalog based on the birth dates of the Derby older dogs. These dogs will compete for the Derby Winner title.

Hungarian Derby Győztes (HDGY)

The title Hungaria Derby winner can compete to breed and sex of any dog that has been graded excellent and the young, intermediate, open or working class winner the calendar year prior to the show .

There will be an individual with a serial number to replace Hungaria Derby Winner diploma at the place of Komárom CACIB, the Hungarian Kennel Club information stand the price of 10 Euros or the equivalent forint amount.

Sunday Derby Best in Show will be instead of Junior Best in Show in the Best in Show program, as like the next:

Komárom Dog Show Best Derby Dog (Derby BIS)

The title will be awarded for dogs earned Derby Winner and Best Derby title, they will enter by each FCI breeding groups. The first, second, third will be ranked.


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